Sunday, October 25, 2009

Thunder Tiger *FOR SALE*

Thunder Tiger *FOR SALE*
Complete with Remote Control, ESC, Receiver, Motor, Servo, 2pcs Battery, 2 Bodyshell & Charger.
Price: $300/-
Kalau mau kurang harga lagi contact ini orang..
+673 8651394

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

DBD Drift Challenge '09

Date : 08th November 2009
Time : 09:00 a.m (Draw will start at 09:30 a.m)
Location : Stadium HHBB Drift Underground Circuit
Race Format : ( Drift-Tech race format)
1. Qualifying Round: 3 Heats (Best Of 1 Heat),
2. Battle (The Top 16 Drivers)

-Qualifying Round-
1. each driver will start the challenge with 300 points in every 1 heat and complete their lap with the best time.
2. drivers must keep the maximum points in every heat and their best time (Priority - the best heat points will be taken then the best time for ranking) to advance in the top 16 drivers in battle round.
3. Deduction of points will be made during the 3 heats in qualifying round if:-
i: drivers bumping, hitting the inner line of the track - 10 points deduction
ii: drivers hitting,bumping the outer line of the track - 20 points deduction
iii: drivers bumping the opponents car - 30 points deduction

All deduction of points will be made by two judges.

-Battle-: (Top 16 Qualifiers)
Similar with previous races but penalty will be given to the driver bumping the opponent's car.

More briefing will be made before the race to ensure all drivers understand and abide by rules of the race..forms will be submitted in the near future.

Chassis : Open For Any 1/10
Body : Any 1/10 Scale Body (190mm / 200mm)
Motor : Open
Battery : Open
Tyre: (New) F2 (Tyres available at KAWANRIA- contact Andy)(Tyres will be check & mark before the race)
Entrance : $15

Those who are interested please list below as usual your.. :
Name / Chassis / Motor type / Radio Frequency / Team ( leave X if you do not have a team)

*All registration of drivers must be made in rctech, forms & payment must be to Aboy, G-Alai & G-Zoff*

Thank you for your attention and good luck!

Sunday, October 18, 2009