Monday, May 24, 2010

MOH Charity Drift Challenge 2010

Date: 06th June 2010
Entrance Fee: $15
Time: 08:00am (09:00am - Opening Ceremony)
Location: Near Stadium Main Entrance
Race Format: Drift-Tech Format
Chassis: Any 1:10 Chassis (190mm - 200mm)
Tyre: HPI T-Drift #4406 (New or Used)
Motor: 9T Brushless

There will be also LUCKY DRAW for all the drifters that join the race. And there will be also a BEST BODYSHELL COMPETITION for all the drifters and will be judged at 07:00pm

All drifters are welcome to take part in this event and MOH also want this race to be BIG ONE!! There will be a CAR SHOW, DRIFT SHOW and lots more for us to see, so lets drift and do the charity. Hehehe...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Monday, May 10, 2010

Kawanria Drift Challenge Result!!!

Tandem Drift Battle Double Knockout:

1st - Halim (DBD - KB)
2nd - Hazmi (DBD - KB)
3rd - Aboy (DBD)
4th - G. Zoff (DBD)
5th - Alvin (Team Kawanria)
6th - Azrin (07-Ghost - KB)
7th - Fa'iq (07-Ghost - KB)
8th - Saipol (Drift-Tech)

Twin Drift (Drift Point)

47 Points - Halim & Hazmi
46 Points - Saipol & Al-Amin
45 Points - G. Zoff & Rodee

All picture will be uploaded as soon as possible.