Monday, March 29, 2010

Wangan R/C Drifter Fun Race

Race Day: 04th April 2010 (Limited to 32 drivers only, first come first serve basis).
Time: 11:00am (Draw start, tyre checking & briefing).
Race Format: Double Knockout.
Motor: 9T Brushless.
Chassis: 1:10 scale.
Battery: Open.
Venue: CH Hobbies Track.
Entrance Fee: $10 (Bayar lebih digalakkan, bayar kurang inda dilayan).
Tyre: HPI T-Drift #4406 (New/Used/2nd Hand).


I've already contact with Andy (Kawanria), just pass your Entrance Fee to him, then I'll collect it from him on the due date later. This is only a message for BSB/Tutong Drifter that not from KB. This is the easiest way for you guys to pass your money for the payment of the Entrance Fee. Oh yeah, just put in 1 envelope for 1 team, complete with the name of the Drifter that have paid for it. TQ~ Hehehe...

Friday, March 26, 2010

New Update & Announement!!!

Time: 09:00am
Motor: 9T - 12T Brushless

Regarding about the Entrance Fee payment, please pay it as soon as possible. Last date is on 04/04/2010, because all the payment will be used for Prizes, Trophy, Lucky Draw and also Food/Drink will also be provided.

Only for Drifter that from Bandar or Tutong:
So to all that want to pay the Entrance Fee, please pass ur money to your Team Leader, please make sure with the name of the drifter that have paid and then if it all already settle, then can pass it to me (If u are free to go KB) or maybe we will go to Bandar and collect it. I will inform u guys when I will go to BSB. TQ~

Track & Practise:
Will be informs to you all if the track is already layout then you guys can come down to the track for practising.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

PEMKAR 1/10th Electric Championship Series 2010

The series consist of 6 races, best of 4 counts to determined the 2010 PEMKAR 1/10th Electric Champion

1> 11.5T Stock Class
2> Modified Open Class
3> Drift Touring Class

For the whole season :-

Rules & Regulations
11.5T Stock Class
Car: Any 1/10th Scale 4WD Touring Car
Motor: Any 11.5T Brushless
Baterry: NiMH 6 cells / 2 cells Lipo
Tire: Slick Tire
Weight: 1400 grams including trasponder

Modified Open Class
Car: Any 1/10th Scale 4WD Touring Car
Motor: Open Motor
Battery: NiMH 6 cells / 2 cells Lipo
Tire: Slick Tire
Weight: 1400 grams including trasponder

Drift Touring Class
Car: Any 1/10th Scale 4WD Touring Car
Motor: 9T & Above
Battery: NiMH 6 cells / 2 cells Lipo
Tire: HPI T-Drift #4406

Championship Points
To all categories :-

A main finalist - 1st place = 30pts > 10th place = 21pts
B main finalist - 1st place = 20pts > 10th place = 11pts
C main finalist - 1st place = 10pts > 10th place = 1pts

Top Qualify - 2pts

Entrance Fee for all class
Pemkar member = BND $15
Non Pemkar member = BND $20

Champion for PEMKAR 1/10th Electric Championship Series 2010 for each category will get air ticket to Thailand for TITC 2011 (to be inform)

Any queries, please contact Lobo (President of PEMKAR), Bajong (Vice President of PEMKAR)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

KB Drift Battle Festival Amal!!!

Date: 11th April 2010
Location: Tudong Saji
Track: Tarmac
Time: 10:00am
Entrance Fee: $20.00
Race Format: Drift Battle Double Knockout
Tires: HPI T-Drift #4406 (New or Used)
Motor: 9T Brushless
Chassis: Open For Any 1/10
Body: 180mm - 200mm
1> Trophy & ???? (Handphone, I guess so..)
2> Trophy & ????
3> Trophy & ????

All registration are open now at the RC-Tech forum and the entrance fee payment should be pay at-least 1 week earlier before the date of the competition. The race will start 10:00am sharp. So hopefully to all drifters that join this Drift Battle Festival Amal will come early. TQ~

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

DBD Fun Race Drift Battle Preview!!!

As promised guys, I've just finished uploaded some picture of the DBD Fun Race Drift Battle. So enjoy viewing guys. Hehehe... :-)