Monday, January 31, 2011

Haji Adie Hobbies Competition 2011 Results!!!

Drift Touring A-Main:

1st. Hazmi - Drift-Tech (KB)
2nd. Azrin - Ghost-X (KB)
3rd. Fa'iq - Ghost-X (KB)
4th. G. Maslani - Drift-Tech (KB)
5th. Al-Amin - Drift-Tech
6th. G. Ading - Ghost-X (KB)
7th. G. Alai - DBDT
8th. Ezz - Tutong R/C Drifter
9th. Faris - Ghost-X (KB)
10th. Samboi - Drift-Tech

Congratulation to all winners & participant that join the event. We all have fun during the competition day. See you next time. Pictures will be upload as soon as possible. So stay tuned..

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

PEMKAR 6th Round (FINAL) Drift A & B Main Video!!

Thanks to Wirawan for taking this video & upload it. Enjoy drifting bro...

Monday, January 10, 2011

PEMKAR 6th (FINAL) Round Preview!!!

PEMKAR 6th Round (FINAL) Drift Result!!!

Result of A-Main Drift Touring:

1. Hazmi - Drift-Tech Team (KB)
2. Samboi - Drift-Tech Team
3. G. Bibih - Ghost-X Team (KB)
4. Aboy - DB RT
5. Halim - Drift-Tech Team (KB)
6. Raziz - DB RT
7. G. Zoff - DB RT
8. Fa'iq - Ghost-X Team (KB)
9. Ladin - Tutong R/C Drifters
10. Faris - Ghost-X Team (KB)

Result of B-Main Drift Touring:

1. G. Maslani - Drift-Tech Team (KB)
2. Dillah - Drift-Tech Team (KB)
3. G. Ading - Ghost-X Team (KB)

Congratulation to all winners & participant that joined yesterday event. Pictures will be uploaded as soon as possible. So stay tuned.

Saturday, January 1, 2011