Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pantai Peranginan Sg. Liang Lumut Fun Mini Drift Race Result!!!

Here's the result of the winner during yesterday event at the Pantai Peranginan Sg. Liang Lumut.

1st - Halim (DBD - KB)
2nd - G.Alai (DBD)
3rd - G.Maslani (DBD - KB)
4th - G.Zoff (DBD)
5th - Aboy (DBD)
6th - Hazmi (DBD - KB)
7th - Rodee (DBD)
8th - G.Faizal (07-Ghost - KB)
9th - Faris (07-Ghost - KB)
10th - G.Ading (07-Ghost - KB)

Would like to say thanks to all participant that participate yesterday event. And not forget, special thanks to Mamatkubo (Drift-Tech) that help so many time in all Tournament this lately. Wish you all have fun & enjoy it.

Picture will be upload as soon as possible. So stay tuned & let it slideee.....

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pantai Peranginan Sg. Liang Lumut Fun Mini Drift Race!!!

Date: 25th April 2010
Time: 09:00am
Location: Pantai Peranginan Sungai Liang Lumut
Entrance Fee: $5:00
Race Format: Double Knock-out
Tires: HPI T-Drift #4406 (New or Used)
Chassis: Any 1/10 scale
Motor: Open

To all drifter please datang awal ye and jangan lupa bawa kem sendiri ye utk picnic trus, payung kh & apa2 sajalah untuk belindung. Hehehe... Siapa yang datang akhir datang atu, jauh krg parking. Oh yeah, jgn lupa bawa banner jua, n di-ikat dgn kayu, utk dsimpan dsiring2 track. Registration are OPEN now at RC-TECH forum!!!