Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday, January 21, 2010

DRIFT-TECH Series 2010 (Rules & Regulations)

Entrance Fee (One Year) : $25 - each driver.
Race Entrance Fee (Each Race) : $15 - each driver.
Official Tyre : HPI T-Drift *not provided* (subject to be change anytime by the organizer).
Point System : Top 20 drivers will get their respective points from 20 points (1st position) - 1 point (20th position) & bonus points will be given for the Top 3 drivers in the final.
Track Location : To be inform to all drivers one month early before the race (subject to be change anytime by the organizer).
Race Format : Different types of format will be used in the races which will be a surprise for all drivers.
Race Date : To be expected once in 2 months (subject to be change anytime by the organizer).
Points Info : Points collection & positions will be updated in this thread.

Any other question, you can contact Drift-Tech members & they'll explain everything or at the RC-Tech. Will be updating more info in the future about the rules & regulations for this series.

Drift-Tech Grand Prix #1

Organizer: Drift-Tech Team
Date: 30th January 2010 (Qualifying) & 31st January 2010 (Final)
Location: Jerudong Park Track (Open at 2pm onwards)
Categories: Drift Touring
Chassis: Open for any 1/10 Drift
Body: Any 1/10 Scale Body (190mm/200mm)
Motor: Open
Battery: Open
Tire: New HPI T-Drift #4406
Entrance Fee: $15 (Entrance fee to be submitted on the race day itself)
Prizes: Will be given to the Top Finalist.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

DRIFT-TECH Series 2010

This will be a series of races maybe from 6 to 8 different races, in different format (drift touring, drift point, drift challenge or maybe super special), in different places (JP track, Indoor stadium, Tutong, Kuala Belait) and even in different type of tyres. Drifters will be judge based on their qualifying (Top 20, Point system) and Bonus point will be given to the Top 3 Finalist in the final. All points from all races will be accumulate till the end of the race to be DK of the year. Stay tuned for more info....

HB TC-D Arrived!!!

New Hot Bodies Kit that called HB TC-D have just arrived at Kawanria cornershop. I think I might wanna get one for myself. Hehehe... So grab it guys, selagi stock masih ada...

Friday, January 1, 2010