Monday, February 15, 2010

1st Round Series Rules & Regulations (UPDATE!!!)

Race Entrance Fee: $10 for each race & additional $5 for the drivers who advance to each level e.g. Advance to Top 32, 16 & 8.
Motor: Controlled Motor (9T Brushless Motor Only).
Battery: Open
Tire: HPI T-Drift #4406 (all tires and rims will be kept by organizer till the next round).
Bodyshells: Drift / Realistic 1:10 bodyshells are allowed, no touring bodyshells.
Race Format: Drift Point, for the search for Top 32, 16 & 8. For the Top 8 drivers, the format will change to Tandem Drift Battle until the Final.
Point System: Top 20 Drivers
Venue & Date: Drivers will be informed earlier where it will be held.
Prizes: Will be given to the Top 8 drivers in the Final.

1st Round!!!

Date: 7th March 2010
Time: 09:00 am
Venue: CH Hobbies Track.

There are possibilities that 1:18 scale RC race will be held along with our 1st series organized by CH Hobbies.

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